Informations about CPU- and RAM-HotPlug at VMs on VMware vSphere 5

Enable CPU-Hot Plug and RAM-Hot Add at Virtual machines on VMware vCenter 5
Update 12.02.2013 / Gabrie post in the comments a important extra info about Hot-Add and post the link to the blog from Duncan Epping it’s important to read this!!!
vSphere Virtual Machine Administration, Chapter 8 “Configuring Virtual Machines”, Section “Change CPU Hot Plug Settings in the … Client”, page 94.
Some conditions and requirements for CPU Hot Plug

  • If possible, use hardware version 8 virtual machines.
  • Hot-adding multicore virtual CPUs is supported only with hardware version 8 virtual machines.
  • Not all guest operating systems support CPU hot add.
  • To use the CPU hot-add feature with hardware version 7 virtual machines, set the Number of cores per socket to 1.
  • Adding CPU resources to a running virtual machine with CPU hot plug enabled disconnects and reconnects all USB passthrough devices connected to that virtual machine.
  • For Linux guest operating VMware Tools must be installed.
  • The virtual machine must powered off to configure he Hot CPU settings.
  • Hot remove of Memory is not supported.
  • Hot remove of CPU is not supported.

To enable new CPU after adding a new CPU. You can use this script:
Hot add cpu to supported Linux guestOS

# William Lam
# hot-add cpu to LINUX system using vSphere ESX(i) 4.0
# 08/09/2009
for CPU in $(ls /sys/devices/system/cpu/ | grep cpu | grep -v idle)
echo "Found cpu: "${CPU_DIR}" ..."
if [ -f "${CPU_STATE_FILE}" ]; then
STATE=$(cat "${CPU_STATE_FILE}" | grep 1)
if [ "${STATE}" == "1" ]; then
echo -e "t${CPU} already online"
echo -e "t${CPU} is new cpu, onlining cpu ..."
echo 1 > "${CPU_STATE_FILE}"
echo -e "t${CPU} already configured prior to hot-add"

Hot adding memory in Linux

ONLY for Suse Linux Enterprise Linux 11
Note: These instructions work for SLES OS. Other distributions may be different.
To enable acpi_memhotplug, run this command within the SLES virtual machine:

modprobe acpi_memhotplug

Using vSphere Client, edit the virtual machine settings to increase the memory assigned to the virtual machine. For more information, see Increasing the amount of memory assigned to a virtual machine (1004059).
Bring the memory online in /sys/devices/system/memory with the command:

echo online > /sys/devices/system/memory/memory[number]/state

Run this command to check the state of the memory, looking for memory that appears offline:

grep line /sys/devices/system/memory/*/state

If memory appears as offline, set it to online with the command:

echo online > /sys/devices/system/memory/memory[number]/state

Verify that you can see the extra memory with the command:

free -m

Expert Mode: PowerCLI

This Works when System is online, but need one “cold” start to enable this function.
Enable-MemHotAdd and Enable-vCpuHotAdd

Function Enable-MemHotAdd($vm){
$vmview = Get-vm $vm | Get-View
$vmConfigSpec = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec
$extra = New-Object VMware.Vim.optionvalue
$vmConfigSpec.extraconfig += $extra
Function Enable-vCpuHotAdd($vm){
$vmview = Get-vm $vm | Get-View
$vmConfigSpec = New-Object VMware.Vim.VirtualMachineConfigSpec
$extra = New-Object VMware.Vim.optionvalue
$vmConfigSpec.extraconfig += $extra


Good information about hot-add cpu and memory can found here


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